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"It's so cold. I just want to help them mommy."

Rose Age 8

On Thanksgiving weekend my then eight year old daughter, Rose, and I delivered meals to a homeless encampment here in Atlanta. This was not an uncommon activity for us as we had done something similar several times before. 

A few of the people asked if we had blankets, or coats, because the temperature was steadily dropping.

After passing out the two that we usually kept in the car for family outings my daughter, with tears in her eyes, asked if could we get more.

Even though we didn't have much money her request was hard to turn down. We used the money saved for Christmas and went to a local thrift store and purchased book bags, blankets and a few coats. We then went to the store and bought enough food for a couple of days for each bag as well as some hygiene products and PPEs.  We also gathered information on nearby shelters and other resources in the community.

After packing the bookbags with supplies and information packets we went back to the encampment and passed them out. The people were so very grateful for the items and information!

With a huge smile on her face Rose asked if we could do it again the next weekend and thus Blessing Bags of Warmth For The Homeless was born.

To date we have served over 3,000 un-housed individuals in the Atlanta area.

Our goal is to continue to do so and we need YOUR help! Please continue into our site to learn how YOU can help the unhoused population of Atlanta.

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