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NICU Journey into Homelessness...

"I haven't seen my baby since Monday. Before that, it was a couple of weeks. I really don't know what I'm going to do? She's supposed to come home in November, but what "home" is she coming home to?"

June 23 this mother had left work, and picked up her son. She was rushing home because she wasn't feeling well.

She tried to pick up her phone to call her fiancee and everything went blurry. She stumbled and fell.

She realized something was horribly wrong.

She was 22 weeks pregnant with a baby girl and she was suffering from a stroke due to pre-eclampsia.

The mother spent 3 weeks in the hospital delivering the baby girl at 24 weeks. 1 lb 7 oz.

And then the day came that she had to check out of the hospital leaving her little girl behind to continue to grow.

Pictured is Rose and myself... Rose was born at 25 weeks. 1 lb 8 oz. I could not imagine having to leave Rose in the hospital and not visit her everyday, like I did, during her 4-month-long NICU stay.

However this mother is going through so much more. As a result of her stroke and hospital stay she lost her job. Her fiancee, now the caretaker of both her and their son, lost his job. And then this family lost their home.

This family is now staying in an extended stay, like so many families across our city, because they cannot afford the high rent.

The mother is wheelchair bound with limited use of her lower extremities.

She is awaiting the long process to receive Social security. They are solely dependent upon her fiance's income, which is limited due to him being her caretaker.

I'm sorry that it seems like week after week Blessing Bags of Warmth brings you the saddest stories.

I wish these were just stories and not real life events that are happening right here in our very own city.

It's situations like this that Blessing Bags of Warmth would really love to be able to step in.

The immediate need for this family is to be able to transfer extended stays. From one where they're paying over $500 a week to one closer to the hospital the baby is in. One which is handicapable for the mother and closer to public transportation.

We need no less than $1,000 by Monday to get this family transferred and in a place where they can work toward stability.

Please donate today.


#Zelle (Best option as there are no fees.)


After we have raised the initial amount to get this family stabilized we will be starting a #GoFundMe to help this family further. I would love it if this could be our Home For The Holidays family and we can only do that with your help!

Thank you so much for your willingness to help us give this family, and others, a HAND UP!

Sherri and Rose 🌹

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